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Sideshow Collectible Emma Frost

Diamond: A Girl’s Best Form

Emma FrostIt is no surprise that Sideshow Collectibles came out with an Emma Frost figure, especially after the success of the 2011 film, X-Men: First Class. This figure stands twenty inches tall, and every inch showcases Emma’s attitude and provocative nature.

Speaking of provocative, Emma’s all white ensemble simply cannot be ignored. She is dressed in the attire she wore when she was first introduced to X-Men fans in 1979. The corset, panties, boots, and fur-lined cape leaves little to the imagination, but I do have to admit, Emma sure knows how to pull it off; though, I am not sure how easy it would be battling a foe in platform boots, or with so little skin protection.

I guess I should remind myself that this mutant has built-in armor, something she likes to call her “diamond form.” Ms. Frost’s skin produces an organic diamond material, making her almost invulnerable to physical attacks and mental attacks, so that would surely compensate for the lack of fabric donned by this powerful mutant… and then some.

As gorgeous as this figure is, I do have one complaint. Emma comes with an additional portrait that has Frost sporting a shorter hairstyle, and while that is great and all, what I really want is a portrait that shows off her diamond form! I mean, she is the epitome of stunning when transformed, and I always love when a figure can showcase the powers of the character.

If this tiny flaw does not disappoint you too much, you can still order Emma Frost on the Sideshow Collectibles website, and she will ship out a little after Jean Grey in May of 2015!

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