Hello fellow X-Men enthusiasts and cosplayers,

I’m Erica, and I have had a love for the X-Men since my dad introduced them to me as a little girl. I think we all can admit that we all wish we could be a part of the X-Men team; I still do to this day, and I do not see myself ever wishing otherwise.

Because of my (slightly) obsessive desire to be a part of the mutant race, entering the cosplaying realm was a gratifying transition. I am still fairly new to cosplay, but I already know that it is something I will continue to do as long as I am able to craft. I have gone to two C2E2 conventions (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) so far, and only once has the X-Gene been present in my DNA (but that will be changing with upcoming conventions).

IMG_2430 - CopyI’ve played the lovely Princess Leia with the dear Han Solo by my side (See).

But which X-Men character gave me my first taste of mutant power? You will see in a post-to-come!

Why Evolution: The X-Gene?

It is because of the excitement I feel when I think of X-Men and cosplaying, that I wanted to create a space dedicated to both of my loves. I want to talk about the characters I cannot get enough of. I want to talk about the X-Men related films and cartoons that are out there that both help feed my cravings, and deprive them (thanks to the lack of accuracy and missed opportunities, sigh).

Lastly, as a beginning cosplayer, I want to know the tips and tricks to making a better costume. Not only that, but I want to share that information with others, so everyone can unleash their inner X-Gene (without the mental breakdowns) and be a part of the evolution.


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